Courses of Study: Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication

Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication, Grade 9 - 12, Advanced Animation Portfolio, 2009

1.) Apply laboratory safety rules, regulations, and procedures in animation.

2.) Utilize research tools to develop ideas for an animated film.

3.) Create portfolio-ready animations that communicate specific concepts, emotions, and intentions.

4.) Assemble a portfolio of personal animation samples that includes a concentration in a specific theme or medium.

•  Performing advanced studio photographic techniques
•  Writing an artist's statement for a personal portfolio
•  Creating digital and electronic images to depict animations
5.) Demonstrate professional behavior in the workplace, including working cooperatively with others, demonstrating positive responses to criticism, using time-management skills, and demonstrating healthy habits.

6.) Compare career options in animation.

•  Analyzing the job market to determine professional development needs based on animation industry trends
•  Completing a portfolio for targeted career options