Courses of Study: Business, Management, and Administration

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Business, Management, and Administration, Grade 9 - 12, Computer Management and Support, 2009

1.) Explain functions of personal computer (PC) hardware components and peripheral devices.

2.) Demonstrate procedures for installing a printer to a personal or home computer.

3.) Apply procedures for computer optimization, including performing scandisk, performing disk defragmentation, installing random access memory (RAM), and installing and uninstalling programs.

•  Identifying startup process and other service management components
•  Analyzing disk space for availability
4.) Analyze disk space for availability.

5.) Discuss the evolution of computer operating systems.

•  Comparing the capabilities and limitations of various computer operating systems
6.) Utilize research results to analyze new and emerging operating systems for optimization.

7.) Determine procedures for downloading and uploading files to external devices.

8.) Utilize file structures to create folders and copy and move files.

9.) Demonstrate password, user rights, and folder privileges on a personal computer.

10.) Evaluate virus safeguards, firewalls, and security on a personal computer.

11.) Compare types of networks, including copper, fiber optic, and wireless.

12.) Utilize technical research materials to determine the process for customizing user interface on a personal or home computer.

Examples: desktop setup, monitor configuration

13.) Identify functions of a protocol.

14.) Determine network address for verifying network connectivity.

15.) Determine troubleshooting procedures for problems pertaining to limited or no network connectivity.

16.) Compare a variety of network designs, including local area networks and wide area networks.

17.) Apply the procedure for constructing a local area network for home use, including selecting network devices and configuring a home network.

18.) Configure Internet and e-mail settings.

19.) Determine career and entrepreneurial opportunities, responsibilities, and educational and credentialing requirements related to computer maintenance and home networking.