Courses of Study: Career Cluster

Career Cluster Electives, Grade 7 - 8, Career Cluster Explorations, 2009

1.) Demonstrate basic technology skills.

Examples: managing files, using the Internet, using application programs

2.) Explain the personal and societal benefits of work.

3.) Demonstrate oral presentation skills that sustain listeners' attention and interest including eye contact, clear enunciation, and use of visual aids.

•  Preparing support materials to accompany a presentation, including tables and charts
4.) Apply active listening skills to obtain and clarify information.

5.) Summarize written materials from various career sources clearly, succinctly, and accurately

6.) Create a personal plan of study to meet career goals and objectives.

7.) Demonstrate positive work behaviors and personal qualities, including displaying a willingness to acquire new knowledge and skills, demonstrating integrity in a work situation, and indicating a willingness to follow rules and procedures.

8.) Describe employment skills needed for obtaining and maintaining a job.

9.) Demonstrate interpersonal skills, including teamwork, conflict management, problem solving, and networking.

10.) Demonstrate leadership skills for creating an environment that fosters mutual trust and confidence.

11.) Demonstrate the ability to locate resources to determine job and career opportunities related to the Alabama Career and Technical Education clusters.

•  Describing the nature of each of the Alabama Career and Technical Education clusters
12.) Identify employment opportunities to match personal interests and aptitudes.