Courses of Study: Education and Training

Education and Training, Grade 9 - 12, Education and Training Internship, 2009

1.) Determine procedures for starting and ending the school year.

2.) Assist the classroom teacher with preparing and distributing materials, setting up equipment for instructional purposes, and aiding with clerical matters.

3.) Tutor students individually or in small groups.

4.) Develop units of instruction, including the preparation of lesson plans.

5.) Demonstrate teaching, including the use of equipment, technology, and supplies used in the instructional program.

6.) Evaluate classroom management procedures and the learning climate.

7.) Formulate ways to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

8.) Demonstrate integration of curriculum and instruction to meet students' developmental needs and interests.

9.) Describe desirable teacher characteristics, including exhibiting poise, self-confidence, initiative, and enthusiasm while teaching.

10.) Develop an internship portfolio.

11.) Analyze roles of professional support staff to determine responsibilities of each.

12.) Assess roles of administrators in meeting organizational goals and creating a positive school and system climate.

13.) Describe the importance of communicating high expectations and encouraging active student learning in the classroom.

14.) Demonstrate techniques for collaborative relationships with students and their families.

15.) Recognize warning signs of child abuse and neglect, including procedures for reporting and prevention strategies

16.) Demonstrate teamwork skills in community and workplace settings.

17.) Analyze the field of education for career options, entrepreneurial opportunities, and required credentials.