Courses of Study: Finance

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Finance, Grade 9 - 12, Insurance Services, 2009

1.) Differentiate among automobile, health, life, renter, and homeowner insurance coverages and policies to determine appropriate use and advantages of each.

2.) Evaluate a variety of insurance products and premiums for personal needs.

Examples: automobile, homeowner, disability, life

3.) Utilize reading skills to identify main components of major insurance company policy options.

Examples: policy options—liability insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, collision coverage

4.) Determine factors that affect insurance costs and premiums.

5.) Analyze insurance characteristics to explain underwriting functions.

•  Processing required paperwork in insurance underwriting
•  Adding endorsements to policies
•  Adjusting insurance claims
6.) Analyze claims data for determining the percent of increase or decrease between current and past years' statistics.

Examples: teenage automobile accidents, tornado or hurricane catastrophes

7.) Determine required information needed to correctly issue insurance policies and other insurance-related documents.

8.) Demonstrate correct techniques for acquiring and processing information using a variety of media.

Examples: telephone, fax machine, e-mail, online resources

9.) Determine procedures needed to effectively serve customers, including providing timely information and resolving conflicts.

•  Using technical skills for research
10.) Use communication skills, including listening and tactfulness, when communicating with customers and colleagues.

11.) Interpret the principles of risk management as it relates to insurance, including benefits for risk reduction.

12.) Determine the impact governmental insurance programs have on society.

13.) Analyze types of insurance fraud to determine effects on policy holders.

14.) Determine ethical issues facing the insurance industry.

15.) Evaluate regulatory insurance requirements to determine compliance.

16.) Explain reasons insurers cancel policies.

•  Explaining reasons policy holders cancel policies
17.) Demonstrate job-related professional behavior, including respect for the customer and the customer's property and adherence to privacy laws.

18.) Determine career and entrepreneurial opportunities, responsibilities, and educational and credentialing requirements related to insurance services.