Courses of Study: Health Science

Health Science, Grade 7 - 8, Health Explorations, 2009

1.) Describe career opportunities in the health care delivery system, including types and levels of health careers, required education and training, employability skills, salary, and delivery system opportunities.

2.) Identify pioneers who made major contributions to the field of health care.

Examples: Louis Pasteur, Alexander Fleming, George Washington Carver, William Debakey

3.) Compare ancient and current health care practices.

Examples: ancient—surgeries involving lobectomies

- current—technologies involving stethoscopes and robotics

•  Comparing ancient and current health care apparel
4.) Compare ethical and unethical conduct in medical careers.

Example: ethical—maintaining client confidentiality

- unethical—taking client's valuables

5.) Describe verbal and nonverbal communication techniques appropriate for the health care setting.

6.) Identify selected medical terms and abbreviations associated with health care

7.) Differentiate between medical and surgical asepsis.

Examples: hand washing, gloving, gowning

8.) Demonstrate basic skills in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

9.) Describe concepts related to basic skills for selected health careers.

Examples: landfill laboratory, oxygen saturation, walking on crutches