Courses of Study: Health Science

Number of Standards matching query: 13

Health Science, Grade 10 - 12, Dental Assisting, 2009

1.) Compare roles of the dentist, dental hygienist, and dental assistant.

2.) Describe personal characteristics required in the dental workplace.

Examples: displaying positive attitudes, maintaining ethical behavior, adhering to dress code

3.) Demonstrate communication skills needed while counseling clients, documenting care, and communicating through various forms of electronic media.

4.) Recognize state laws and regulations pertaining to dentistry.

Examples: confidentiality, patient information, legal rights

5.) Demonstrate correct use of x-ray machines, dental instruments, dental chairs, and sterilizer equipment in the dental laboratory.

6.) Organize a dental treatment room, including preparing procedure trays, seating the dental client, providing chair-side assistance, and demonstrating departure procedures.

7.) Explain the anatomy of the head and neck, including the teeth and their surfaces.

8.) Apply principles of preventive oral hygiene, including brushing teeth, flossing teeth, and maintaining a healthy diet.

9.) Demonstrate infection control procedures used in a dental office.

Examples: sterilizing, disinfecting, using barrier techniques

10.) Construct impressions for diagnostic and opposing models of teeth, including preparing for an alginate dental impression and a dental impression with plaster of paris.