Courses of Study: Health Science

Health Science, Grade 11 - 12, Health Science Internship, 2009

1.) Demonstrate basic health care skills according to facility protocol.

Examples: taking vital signs, applying cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), gaining first aid certification, explaining body mechanics

2.) Identify basic treatments for selected diseases and disorders.

3.) Critique key workplace readiness skills needed in a health care career.

4.) Demonstrate legal and ethical behaviors in the health care setting.

5.) Synthesize medical terminology used within the health care facility or agency.

6.) Utilize electronic methods of communication within the health care facility or agency.

7.) Develop a health and wellness plan based on client health history.

8.) Analyze medications and treatments of selected clients using medical references to determine classifications, indications, contra-indications, side effects, and dosages.

9.) Demonstrate therapeutic communication skills in the health care facility.

Examples: reporting medical information to immediate supervisor, communicating with client and family or caregiver

10.) Describe client care procedures, including surgical procedures, Foley catherizations, and tooth extractions.

11.) Explain techniques used in selected client care situations, including providing bed baths, taking vital signs, performing range of motion (ROM) exercises, and performing audiometry and vision screening.