Courses of Study: Health Science

Health Science, Grade 9 - 12, Health Promotion and Wellness, 2009

1.) Analyze an individual's health status to determine placement on the health-illness continuum.

•  Comparing passive and active strategies of health promotion
Examples: passive—fluoridation of drinking water, fortification of homogenized milk with vitamin D

- active—smoking cessation, weight control, medical check-up

•  Outlining positive health promotion practices related to each body system
Examples: integumentary system—skin self-examination, sunscreen application

- cardiovascular system—healthy diet, exercise, blood pressure control, smoking cessation

- reproductive system—annual mammogram after age forty, prostate examination

2.) Distinguish between holistic care and disease-oriented care.

3.) Differentiate between acute and chronic illnesses.

4.) Analyze social and environmental concerns to determine their effect on personal health and wellness.

Examples: high crime rate and quality of life, air pollution and lung disorders, second-hand smoke and respiratory illnesses, noise pollution and hearing loss, hazardous wastes and carcinogens

5.) Distinguish among the levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs to determine the priority of basic human needs.

6.) Identify stages of the Change Model.

7.) Identify the components of a client's health history.

8.) Describe the Health Belief Model.

9.) Identify internal and external variables that influence health beliefs and practices.

Examples: internal—religion, genetics, developmental stage

- external—media, peers, socioeconomic background

10.) Identify the three levels of prevention in health care delivery systems.

Examples: primary—health education programs, immunizations programs

- secondary—hearing and vision screening, mammograms

- tertiary—cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes management classes

11.) Explain safety practices required in health care agencies.

Examples: washing hands, wearing plastic gloves during food preparation, practicing proper disposal of hazardous materials