Courses of Study: Health Science

Health Science, Grade 9 - 12, Support Services, 2009

1.) Compare the roles and responsibilities of personnel in support service careers.

2.) Determine legal and ethical behaviors necessary in support services.

3.) Summarize quality management skills.

Examples: calibrating intravenous machines, calibrating blood pressure machines

4.) Demonstrate decontamination techniques and procedures.

Examples: sterilizing, terminal cleaning

5.) Identify safe practices required for support services.

Examples: following hazardous waste disposal policies and procedures, evaluating methods of infection control, demonstrating proper handling and storage of sterile and non-sterile items

6.) Evaluate the purchasing and distribution processes used in purchasing resources for support services.

Examples: bids, contracts, purchase orders, invoices, inventory records

7.) Describe preventive maintenance systems for buildings, equipment, parts, supplies, and utilities.

8.) Analyze the therapeutic and functional aspects of color décor and furnishings for a therapeutic setting.

9.) Determine the importance of maintaining the support services facility and equipment.