Courses of Study: Human Services

Human Services, Grade 9 - 12, Chemical Services, 2009

1.) Describe chemistry and electricity safety considerations related to performing chemical services.

2.) Identify safety requirements for handling corrosives and oxidizers.

3.) Differentiate between organic and inorganic chemistry.

4.) Identify types and benefits of light therapy.

5.) Describe the structure and composition of hair.

6.) Determine the impact of acids, alkalis, and pH on the hair and scalp.

•  Defining acids and alkalies, including charting chemicals on the pH scale
7.) Explain the relevance of porosity, density, texture, elasticity, and disorders of the hair for chemical services.

8.) Differentiate between a soft curl and a chemical relaxer.

9.) Describe structural changes that take place in hair as a result of permanent waving.

10.) Identify factors critical to hair and scalp analysis.

11.) Compare chemical texture services and structural changes that occur in the hair.

12.) Demonstrate client consultation, including hair analysis to determine the appropriate chemical texture service.

13.) Demonstrate procedures for permanent waving.

14.) Apply techniques used for soft curls and chemical hair relaxing.