Courses of Study: Human Services

Human Services, Grade 9 - 12, Introduction to Spa Techniques, 2009

1.) Explain scientific principles related to the study of organs and tissues relevant to cosmetology.

•  Identifying types of tissues found in the body
2.) Describe the function and principle parts of the nervous, skeletal, muscular, and circulatory systems as they relate to cosmetology and barbering.

3.) Describe the structure, composition, and function of the skin.

•  Explaining factors that influence the aging process of skin
•  Identifying contagious and noncontagious skin disorders
•  Identifying various types of skin
•  Explaining regeneration of the skin
4.) Describe procedures for performing a basic facial treatment.

5.) Identify various types of massage movements and their effects.

6.) Describe types of electrical current used in facial treatment and related safety precautions.

7.) Describe techniques for performing hair removal.

•  Differentiating between permanent and temporary hair removal
8.) Demonstrate basic facial massage movements.

•  Identifying products and supplies used to perform a basic facial
9.) Identify safety and infection control procedures for skin care services.

10.) Identify categories, types, and uses of professional skin care products and cosmetics.

11.) Describe characteristics of facial types.

•  Identifying considerations for creating color harmony based on skin tone, needs, and preferences
12.) Demonstrate the application of makeup, including analysis and recommendation, based on facial type.