Courses of Study: Human Services

Human Services, Grade 9 - 12, Advanced Spa Techniques Application, 2009

1.) Demonstrate techniques to remove unwanted facial hair, including methods for temporary and permanent removal.

2.) Demonstrate safety and infection control for hair removal services.

3.) Apply makeup used for day and night wear.

4.) Identify situations where the application of corrective makeup may be desired.

5.) List products and supplies needed for corrective makeup application.

6.) Demonstrate how to minimize facial flaws with makeup.

7.) Demonstrate procedures for tinting the lash and brow.

8.) Demonstrate the application and removal of artificial eyelashes.

9.) Apply procedures for shaping eyebrows, including tweezing and hot and cold methods of waxing.

10.) Utilize advanced techniques for facial treatments, including facial machines and steamers, gauze masks, packs, and toners.

11.) Identify skin disorders that may be handled in the salon versus disorders that should be referred to a physician.