Courses of Study: Human Services

Human Services, Grade 9 - 12, Introduction to Nail Care and Applications, 2009

1.) Document the origin of nail care technology and advancements made in the industry.

2.) Describe career opportunities available in the nail care industry.

Examples: nail technician, manicurist, pedicurist, nail artist

3.) Describe the structure and composition of the nail.

4.) Describe diseases, disorders, and growth of the nail.

•  Identifying diseases of the nail that should not be treated in the salon
•  Differentiating among diseases of the nail, including mold and fungus
5.) Identify products, supplies, and implements needed for a manicure and pedicure.

6.) Demonstrate procedures for basic manicure, pedicure, and artificial nail services.

•  Exhibiting correct setup of a manicure table
•  Demonstrating proper setup of a pedicure station
•  Utilizing massage techniques when giving a manicure or pedicure
•  Applying tips, wraps, acrylic nails, and gels
•  Repairing broken or split nails
7.) List preservice and postservice steps of an artificial nail procedure.

8.) Explain the anatomy and physiology of the arm and hand.

•  Relating layers, blood vessels, and regeneration of the skin to nail and skin services
9.) Identify the five shapes of nail.

10.) Demonstrate the correct technique for applying nail polish.

11.) Demonstrate safety and infection control procedures for nail care services, including applying sanitation and disinfection procedures on tools and implements and demonstrating safety precautions when applying artificial nails.

12.) Demonstrate procedures for handling a blood spill.

13.) Explain concepts related to establishing a professional image in the nail care profession, including personal hygiene, physical poise, appropriate attire, and effective communication skills.

14.) Practice acceptable work ethics related to individual responsibility, integrity, honesty, and personal conduct.