Courses of Study: Human Services

Human Services, Grade 9 - 12, Interior Design I, 2009

1.) Summarize the history of the interior design industry.

2.) Determine basic characteristics and uses of textiles in the interior design industry.

3.) Identify laws, regulations, and educational and licensure requirements for becoming an interior designer.

4.) Determine the impact of client preferences, values, ideals, and budget in creating a design project.

5.) Demonstrate appropriate responses to criticism and praise of an individual interior design project.

6.) Determine the impact of architectural design and decorating styles when planning a client design project.

7.) Compare historical architectural details to current housing and interior design trends.

8.) Evaluate floor plans to determine interior design functions.

9.) Plan residential spaces in relationship to safety, privacy, aesthetic needs, traffic patterns, activity, function, and efficiency to meet client specifications.

10.) Evaluate various types of period furnishings.

•  Comparing types of wood and finishes used in furniture construction, including care required
11.) Select background treatments, including flooring, wall treatments, window treatments, lighting, and ceiling treatment according to client specifications.

12.) Calculate materials needed for interior design projects.

Examples: floor coverings, window treatments, wall coverings, hard surfaces, furnishings, bedding

13.) Determine the facility space, tools, equipment, and furnishings needed to operate an interior design business.

14.) Analyze how media design, techniques, and processes are used to design interiors.

15.) Apply elements and principles of design to solve specific problems for the selection and design of interiors.

16.) Demonstrate skills in sketching furnishings and interior space to create interior designs to meet client specifications.

17.) Evaluate a variety of interior design plans in relation to function and design.

18.) Utilize technology to create a design project.