Courses of Study: Information Technology

Information Technology, Grade 9 - 12, Networking IV, 2009

1.) Design an Internet protocol (IP) addressing scheme to meet local area network (LAN) requirements.

2.) Analyze network devices to determine the impact of network devices on LAN performance.

3.) Develop an equipment list to meet LAN design requirements.

4.) Construct a prototype network incorporating elements of network design.

5.) Use research results to assist in evaluating LAN, wide area network (WAN), and virtual local area network (VLAN) troubleshooting using a structured methodology and the open systems interconnection (OSI) model.

6.) Evaluate customer requirements to determine networking design needs.

7.) Design a simple Internetwork using available technology.

8.) Analyze client software to determine the impact of applications on network design.

9.) Develop a customer proposal presentation, including installing and configuring a prototype Internetwork and selecting and upgrading network software.

10.) Defend the network design prototype to verify that customer requirements have been met.

11.) Determine career and entrepreneurial opportunities, responsibilities, and educational and credentialing requirements related to network designing.