Courses of Study: Information Technology

Information Technology, Grade 9 - 12, Database Design I, 2009

1.) Explain the history of computing and database development.

2.) Design conceptual and physical models to create databases.

3.) Prepare visual and written documentation of a database model.

4.) Compare SQL and basic select statements to determine results.

5.) Evaluate system and software requirements to meet the needs of a database.

6.) Explain the restricting and sorting of data.

Examples: functions, average, minimum, maximum

7.) Use basics of single row functions to query information in a database.

8.) Explain steps of the software development process.

9.) Design a database software application that includes mathematics.

10.) Interpret an entity relationship diagram (ERD) to match the business model.

11.) Demonstrate different relationship types and transferability to match the business model.

12.) Design an ERD for a business concept.

13.) Implement the basic mapping of an ERD to meet customer needs.

14.) Analyze quality assurance tasks to produce quality products.

15.) Determine the nature of work, responsibilities, and educational and credentialing requirements related to entry-level database design career opportunities.