Courses of Study: Information Technology

Information Technology, Grade 9 - 12, Database Design II, 2009

1.) Compare advanced SQL and basic select statements to determine results.

2.) Explain the functions and expressions in SQL to build a database.

3.) Utilize research results to interpret and evaluate system and software requirements for an advanced database.

4.) Demonstrate the restricting and sorting of data in tables.

5.) Use basics of single row functions to perform an advanced query.

6.) Design a simple software program following the development process using mathematics.

7.) Use multi-row sub-queries to produce data.

8.) Manage tables for database applications.

9.) Implement an advanced database, including writing the code, performing testing, and debugging the database.

10.) Apply software testing skills to produce quality assurance.

11.) Design an advanced software application to meet customer needs.

12.) Manage constraints to follow the business model.

13.) Manage views to follow the business model.

14.) Evaluate maintenance of object privileges to control user access.

15.) Determine nature of work, responsibilities, and educational and credentialing requirements related to database design career opportunities.