Courses of Study: Information Technology

Number of Standards matching query: 11

Information Technology, Grade 9 - 12, Software Development, 2009

1.) Analyze customer software needs and system requirements to design an information technology-based project plan.

2.) Utilize research results to assist in designing an information technology-based project plan with strategies for solving specific problems.

3.) Analyze quality assurance tasks to produce quality products.

4.) Evaluate maintenance and customer support functions.

5.) Demonstrate the effective use of tools for software development.

6.) Relate program structure, blocks, and storage types to C++.

7.) Construct console and file input and output, functions, arrays, and strings.

8.) Develop a software program.

9.) Differentiate between C++ and C programming languages.

10.) Design a simple program that incorporates mathematics by writing the code, performing unit testing, and debugging the program.

11.) Demonstrate career and entrepreneurial opportunities, responsibilities, and educational and credentialing requirements in the software development industry.