Courses of Study: Information Technology

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Information Technology, Grade 9 - 12, Java Programming, 2009

1.) Utilize research results to distinguish between Java and other programming languages.

2.) Analyze objects in Java code to develop effective programs.

3.) Utilize mathematics skills to assist in evaluating system and software requirements to determine usability.

4.) Demonstrate the effective use of Java tools for software development.

5.) Explain basics of creating classes, including methods, arguments, and return values.

6.) Construct objects to meet Java program requirements.

7.) Demonstrate the Java software development process.

8.) Design a software application using Java tools.

9.) Implement a simple applet by writing the code, performing unit testing, and debugging the program.

10.) Determine how to handle errors in package creation.

11.) Demonstrate Java software testing.

12.) Analyze quality assurance tasks to produce quality products.

13.) Identify maintenance and customer support functions.

14.) Determine career and entrepreneurial opportunities, responsibilities, and educational and credentialing requirements in the Java programming field.

15.) Apply skills in communication, leadership, and teamwork in the Java programming field.

•  Applying problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to resolve workplace conflict