Courses of Study: Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security, Grade 9 - 12, Introduction to Law and the American Legal System, 2009

1.) Explain career opportunities within the American legal system.

2.) Trace the history and development of the American legal system.

3.) Describe fundamental sources of law in American society.

•  Comparing common law with statutory law
4.) Explain how the principles of tort law affect human behavior.

•  Analyzing factual scenarios for presence of actionable torts
•  Identifying elements of negligence regarding civil law
5.) Describe the development of the United States Constitution.

•  Explaining fundamental constitutional rights
•  Explaining contemporary issues involving constitutional law
6.) Explain principles of family law in Alabama, including requirements for marriage and grounds for divorce.

7.) Identify fundamental concepts of commercial law.

8.) Describe statutes related to consumers.

•  Explaining state and federal statutes regarding consumer rights
Example: fair debt collections law

•  Explaining basic bankruptcy laws
9.) Differentiate among the principles of probate law, including types of property and ownership rights and responsibilities.

10.) Describe the structure of the civil court system.

•  Comparing federal, state, and local court systems
•  Describing jurisdiction and function of district, circuit, and appellate courts
11.) Identify contractual elements, obligations, and consequences of breach of contract.

12.) Explain basic rules of evidence in the justice system.

•  Describing types of evidence presented in court proceedings
•  Defending admissibility of evidence in the legal process
13.) Describe basic principles and procedures of criminal law.

14.) Assess ethical issues of the American legal system.

15.) Formulate legal arguments for various areas of law.

16.) Prioritize stages of trial and court proceedings.

17.) Create a case presentation for a mock trial.

18.) Demonstrate written communication and public speaking skills necessary for a career in a legal field.

•  Researching legal issues for a mock trial