Courses of Study: Languages Other Than English (Foreign Languages)

Languages Other Than English (Foreign Languages), Grade 9 - 12, Modern Languages Level II, 2006

1.) Use the target language in oral and written form in the past time frame, including giving and responding to a series of commands, asking and answering questions, providing directions and instructions, and stating preferences and opinions to interact in a variety of situations.

2.) Interpret spoken and written authentic target language materials and information on familiar topics.

•  Recognizing main ideas and important details in expository texts
•  Identifying the sequence of events in narrative texts
3.) Create oral and written presentations in the target language about a variety of topics using familiar and newly acquired vocabulary words and phrases and correct structure in the past time frame.

Example: describing school, holidays, and events

4.) Recite from memory skits, poems, short narratives, or songs in the target language, using appropriate pronunciation and intonation.

5.) Describe practices within the cultures where the target language is spoken.

Examples: religious and holiday celebrations, eating customs

6.) Explain the influences of geography on a target culture, including food, clothing, dwellings, transportation, and the arts.


- food--bouillabaisse and other seafood dishes prepared in coastal regions;

- dwellings--climate-dictated construction such as thatch roofs, houses on stilts, and stucco walls;

- arts--wood from the Black Forest used in crafting cuckoo clocks

7.) Compare information common to other school subjects and to the target language.

Examples: metric system, cognates, historical figures, artists, musicians, current events

8.) Compare vocabulary usage, grammatical structures, and idiomatic expressions of a target language with English.

9.) Compare traditions and social conventions of a target culture to one's own.

10.) Describe typical activities and events of a target culture.

Examples: sports, regional performances, holidays

11.) Communicate in a variety of ways with speakers of the target language on topics of interest.

Examples: writing letters, conducting interviews