Courses of Study: Languages Other Than English (Foreign Languages)

Languages Other Than English (Foreign Languages), Grade 9 - 12, Modern Languages Level IV, 2006

1.) Apply the target language in oral and written form in all time frames to express needs and desires, to support and defend opinions and preferences, and to propose and support solutions to issues and problems, including the use of circumlocution, body language, and other creative means to convey and comprehend messages.

2.) Interpret complex oral and written materials in the target language, incorporating learned structures and time frames.

•  Interpreting humor, irony, simile, and metaphor in authentic prose and poetry selections
3.) Create original prose and poetry in the target language using appropriate vocabulary and learned structures and time frames.

Examples: essays, stories, poems, dramatizations, letters with advice or suggestions

4.) Relate the role of geography to the history and development of a target culture.

5.) Trace cultural developments of a target culture.

Examples: expressive art forms, contemporary or historical issues

6.) Describe current issues pertaining to a target culture and to another school subject.

Example: social studies--democracy versus socialism, United States educational expectations versus target culture expectations, American dollar versus Euro currency

7.) Compare the complex elements of the target language and English.

Examples: vocabulary, colloquial phrases, linguistic features used to express various time frames and moods

8.) Compare social, economic, and political perspectives of a target culture to those of the United States, including stereotypical viewpoints.

9.) Create authentic cultural activities for a target culture event.

Examples: dance performances, fairs, virtual tours

10.) Utilize language skills and cultural knowledge to demonstrate practical life applications.

Examples: communicating with a pen pal, writing college admission essays, completing job applications