Courses of Study: Manufacturing

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Manufacturing, Grade 9 - 12, Industrial Systems and Maintenance III, 2009

1.) Demonstrate installation and removal of threaded and flanged valves.

•  Identifying various valve types
2.) Explain the purpose of valve packing.

3.) Explain pneumatic safety and physical characteristics of gases.

4.) Explain the pneumatic transmission of energy related to basic pneumatic systems.

5.) Explain principles of compressor operation and compressed gases.

6.) Explain various types of compressors used in pneumatic systems.

7.) Explain compressed-air treatment used in pneumatic systems.

8.) Explain pneumatic system components and symbols used in pneumatic systems.

9.) Align couplings using the straightedge and feeler gauge method.

•  Explaining types of misalignment
•  Eliminating coupling stress
10.) Align couplings using the dial indicator method.

11.) Analyze vibration in industrial equipment and its causes.

12.) Explain different kinds of basic vibration test equipment.

13.) Explain vibration monitoring of industrial equipment.

14.) Demonstrate field balancing of machines.

15.) Demonstrate removal and installation of threaded and flanged valves.

16.) Demonstrate replacement of valve stem O-rings and bonnet gaskets.

17.) Demonstrate repacking of commonly used valves.