Courses of Study: Manufacturing

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Manufacturing, Grade 9 - 12, Industrial Systems and Maintenance IV, 2009

1.) Explain preventive and predictive maintenance of industrial equipment and systems.

2.) Explain nondestructive and destructive material testing.

3.) Explain concepts of ultrasonic and radiography related to preventive and predictive maintenance.

4.) Explain various types of inspections, including eddy current, optical liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, acoustic emissions, and infrared testing.

5.) Explain the concept of tribology related to industrial equipment.

6.) Explain conditions that cause misalignment of industrial equipment.

7.) Practice reverse dial indicator alignment using a graphical alignment chart.

8.) Explain soft foot, thermal growth, and coupling stress related to equipment alignment.

9.) Demonstrate proper operation of a laser alignment system.

10.) Perform pneumatic system preventive maintenance procedures.

11.) Inspect hydraulic system equipment for system function.

12.) Explain basic hydraulic principles to be considered before troubleshooting hydraulic-driven equipment.

13.) Describe types of flow measurement used in industrial monitoring.

14.) Describe conditions that affect flow, pressure, temperature, and level in industrial systems.