Courses of Study: Manufacturing

Manufacturing, Grade 9 - 12, Introduction to Lathe, 2009

1.) Demonstrate care and safety for an engine lathe.

Examples: maintenance—operating, cleaning, lubricating, setting up

2.) Demonstrate engine lathe operations, including mounting the chuck on the lathe, indicating the round stock in an independent jaw chuck, indicating the square stock in an independent jaw chuck, sharpening the lathe tool bit, centering or positioning cutting tools, face cutting a work piece, turning multiple diameters, center drilling a work piece, demonstrating angle cuts, knurling a work piece, threading a work piece, calculating speed and feed per material, and tooling.

Examples: threading a work piece—chasing right and left hand external threads, manually tapping a hole, countersinking a hole, drilling a hole, picking up lead on existing threads

3.) Demonstrate the ability to turn stock to specifications using a variety of methods and materials related to lathe operations.

4.) Demonstrate the ability to produce a completed lathe project according to specifications.

5.) Demonstrate use of measuring tools, including calipers, dial indicators, and micrometers to produce precision lathe projects.