Courses of Study: Manufacturing

Manufacturing, Grade 9 - 12, Intermediate Lathe and Bench Work, 2009

1.) Apply safety rules, regulations, and procedures for lathe and benchwork.

2.) Demonstrate maintenance of the lathe, including cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, and setting up.

3.) Demonstrate intermediate lathe operations, including calculating speed and feed per material and tooling, aligning the tailstock, reaming a hole, boring a hole, counterboring a hole, forming a cut, machining an O-ring groove, parting off the work piece, turning a shaft between centers, and turning close tolerance diameters.

4.) Demonstrate intermediate boring, turning, facing, and tapping on a work piece.

5.) Demonstrate advanced-level engine lathe operations, including calculating speed and feed for appropriate materials and tooling, turning multiple diameters, using taper attachment, power tapping on a lathe, chasing right and left hand internal threads, boring a hole, and boring an internal angle.

6.) Demonstrate advanced boring, turning, facing, and tapping on a work piece according to National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Level I standards.

7.) Apply benchwork skills and safety practices, including broaching an internal keyway, installing a press fit bushing, hand-grinding cutting tools, using a pitch gage and a micrometer for determining thread size, and laying out a part according to print specifications.

8.) Demonstrate care and safety for a bench grinder.

Examples: maintenance—operating, cleaning, lubricating, setting up

9.) Demonstrate grinding techniques, including setting up and grinding a threading tool, grinding a right hand angle turning tool, grinding a grooving tool, grinding an angle using a sine bar, and grinding a grooving tool.