Courses of Study: Manufacturing

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Manufacturing, Grade 9 - 12, Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing II, 2009

1.) Apply safety rules, regulations, and procedures related to precision machining.

2.) Demonstrate skills in mathematical concepts related to precision machining in CAD- CAM programming.

3.) Demonstrate computer proficiency with advanced CNC and CAD programs.

4.) Demonstrate file management techniques within a CAD-CAM program.

5.) Demonstrate CNC mill procedures utilizing CAD-CAM software.

6.) Demonstrate the development of parts using the CAD-CAM program.

7.) Demonstrate CNC lathe procedures utilizing CAD-CAM software.

8.) Demonstrate the creation and management of a three-dimensional numeric control operation tool path for a lathe.

9.) Verify tool paths through simulation on the CNC machining center.