Courses of Study: Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, Grade 9 - 12, Automotive Brakes, 2009

1.) Demonstrate personal and environmental safety practices, including clothing, eye protection, hand tools, power equipment, and proper ventilation related to automotive brake operation and maintenance.

2.) Identify customer concerns regarding the automotive brake system.

3.) Apply procedures for determining necessary action for brake system concerns.

•  Utilizing work order procedures
4.) Research vehicle and service information, including vehicle service history, technical service bulletins, and interpretation of vehicle and major component identification numbers.

5.) Create a work order for general brake system concerns.

6.) Practice general hydraulic system diagnosis and repair.

7.) Demonstrate procedures for diagnosis and repair of drum brakes.

8.) Demonstrate procedures for diagnosis and repair of disc brakes.

9.) Demonstrate techniques for diagnosing and repairing power assist units.

10.) Apply procedures for diagnosing and repairing antilock brake system (ABS) electronic controls and components.

•  Using self-diagnosis and test equipment