Courses of Study: Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, Grade 9 - 12, Diesel Engines I, 2009

1.) Demonstrate personal and environmental safety practices for beginning diesel engine maintenance associated with clothing; eye protection; hand protection; proper lifting practices; hand tools; power equipment; proper ventilation; and the handling, storage, and disposal of fuels, chemicals, and materials in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

2.) Demonstrate accuracy in the diagnosis of general engine systems to determine corrective action.

•  Utilizing proper work order procedures
3.) Explain common techniques used to service cylinder heads.

4.) Analyze an engine block for wear and damage to determine corrective action.

5.) Explain the operation of the lubrication system.

6.) Explain the operation of the cooling system.

7.) Explain the operation of diesel air induction and exhaust systems.

8.) Explain the operation of the fuel diesel engine supply system, including mechanical and electronic fuel management systems.

9.) Inspect diesel engine compression and exhaust brakes to determine corrective action.