Courses of Study: Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, Grade 9 - 12, Diesel Electrical and Electronics Systems I, 2009

1.) Demonstrate personal and environmental safety practices for diesel engine electrical and electronic system maintenance associated with clothing, eye protection, hand tools, power equipment, and proper ventilation.

2.) Demonstrate diagnostic procedures in electrical and electronic systems.

•  Demonstrating proper work order procedures
3.) Identify electrical and electronic system concerns.

•  Determining necessary action for electrical and electronic system concerns
4.) Research applicable vehicle and service information.

Examples: vehicle service history, technical service bulletins, interpretation of vehicle and major component identification numbers

5.) Demonstrate procedures for testing and servicing batteries.

Examples: performing battery state-of-charge test; inspecting and cleaning battery cables, connectors, clamps, and hold-downs

6.) Explain starting system components and operations.

•  Performing test procedures for starting systems
7.) Explain charging system components and operations.

8.) Analyze lighting systems to determine necessary action.

9.) Describe diesel electronic system gauges, warning devices, and driver information system operations.

•  Demonstrating component operations tests for diesel electronic systems
10.) Demonstrate accuracy in diagnostic procedures for horn, wiper, and washer controls.

11.) Utilize proper diagnostic procedures for accessories to determine necessary action.