Courses of Study: Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

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Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, Grade 9 - 12, Aircraft Nonmetallic Structures, 2009

1.) Apply safety rules, regulations, and procedures for the Aviation Technology program.

•  Explaining industrial hazards, preventive measures, and safety practices, including safety concerns in the areas of first aid, fire, electricity, equipment, chemicals, and personal protective equipment (PPE).
2.) Demonstrate mathematics skills necessary for aircraft maintenance.

3.) Identify use of wood aircraft construction and repair techniques.

4.) Identify techniques in preparation for covering aircraft surfaces with fabric.

5.) Identify aircraft paint finishes and procedures for inspection, removal, treatment, and application.

6.) Demonstrate techniques in aircraft composite construction and repair.

7.) Demonstrate use and inspection techniques of tools for aircraft nonmetallic structure maintenance.

8.) Explain uses, care, and installation of aircraft hardware related to nonmetallic structures.

9.) Select materials used in aircraft maintenance, including fasteners; safety wire; aircraft paint finish; sheet-metal; rivets; threaded fasteners; aircraft fabric; aircraft dope; rib-stitching cord; wood, plywood, and molding; metal flashing; and tacks.

10.) Construct projects to apply learned theories and skills.

•  Plotting airfoil on graph paper from given x-y coordinates
•  Building airfoil from graphed airfoil using provided instructions, wood materials, sheet metal, glue, and tacks
•  Covering airfoil, using Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved procedures listed in AC41 13.1a manual and Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) data
•  Painting airfoil following approved safety procedures, including one FAA approved-size identification letter or number on one side of the airfoil and a student design on the other side
•  Building a composite fiberglass panel with honeycomb, a fiberglass cloth, and resins
•  Making repairs using FAA approved procedures
•  Constructing a composite panel of honeycomb and fiberglass cloth using FAA approved procedures
•  Repairing damage to honeycomb and fiberglass panel using FAA approved procedures