Courses of Study: Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

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Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, Grade 9 - 12, Aircraft Sheet Metal Structures, 2009

1.) Apply safety rules, regulations, and procedures for the Aviation Technology program, including safety concerns in the areas of first aid, fire, electricity, equipment, chemicals, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

2.) Demonstrate computational skills necessary for aircraft sheet metal structures, materials, and processes.

3.) Interpret technical information.

•  Utilizing data in basic graphs to be used in projects and torque tasks
•  Utilizing symbols, lines, and dimensions used in aircraft schematic diagrams
•  Interpreting blueprint information, including information presented in blueprint title blocks
4.) Demonstrate maintenance procedures for aircraft sheet metal structures.

•  Describing characteristics of aluminum alloy clad sheet
•  Selecting aircraft materials, including aluminum alloys
•  Identifying different nondestructive testing methods
•  Describing treatment for different types of corrosion on aluminum alloys
5.) Explain maintenance processes associated with aircraft sheet metal.

6.) Demonstrate use and inspection techniques of tools for sheet metal structures, materials, and processes.

7.) Select materials used in aircraft maintenance.

8.) Identify different types of corrosion on aluminum alloys

9.) Describe how to remove and treat corrosion products on aluminum using approved practices.

10.) Demonstrate the use, care, and installation of various types of aircraft hardware.

11.) Construct projects to apply learned theories and skills to include fabrication, repair, finishing, and documentation.

Examples: fabricating repair parts, repairing a simulated crack in a simulated aircraft skin, constructing a simulated inspection panel, generating appropriate Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) forms