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Science (2015) Grade(s): 1


Design and construct a device that uses light or sound to send a communication signal over a distance (e.g., using a flashlight and a piece of cardboard to simulate a signal lamp for sending a coded message to a classmate, using a paper cup and string to simulate a telephone for talking to a classmate).*

Unpacked Content

Scientific and Engineering Practices

Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions


Students know:
  • Light travels over a given distance.
  • Light can be used to communicate over a distance.
  • Sound travels over a given distance.
  • Sound can be used to communicate over a distance.


Students are able to:
  • Use tools and materials provided to solve the specific problem of being able to communicate using signals over distance using light or sound.


Students understand that:
  • People depend on various technologies in their lives like devices that can be created to communicate over a distance using light or sound.


  • design
  • construct
  • device
  • light
  • sound
  • communication signal
  • distance
  • receive
  • simulate
  • design process
  • ask
  • imagine
  • plan
  • create
  • improve