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World Languages (2017) Grade(s): 06-12 - World Languages


Present information on familiar topics with a variety of words, phrases, and simple sentences in the past time frame.

Unpacked Content


Students know:
  • how to describe their needs for school or work.
  • how to express thoughts on topics of interest or current events.
  • how to retell or present a short skit, poem, or song.
  • how to describe common activities.


Novice High Level
Students are able to:
  • recall vocabulary from themes taught.
  • correctly pronounce vowels and key phonetic sounds when presenting orally.
  • correctly write sentences using correct punctuation and diacrytical markings.
  • correctly type special characters, accent marks, or other markings necessary to the target language.
  • differentiate between questions and statements.
  • gather basic information from graphs, charts and pictures.
  • rely on background knowledge to aid in comprehension of difficult or new words.
  • recognize characters and punctuation marks that are unique to the target language.
  • sing songs in the target language.
Intermediate Low Level
Students are able to:
  • create command forms of verbs to give directions.
  • identify patterns in past tense verb formations.
  • form simple sentences using common idomatic expressions and/or vocabulary focusing on proper word order.
  • recite short songs, skits, or readings from memory.


Students understand that:
  • effective communication requires knowing how when and why to say what to whom.
  • the purpose of language study is to communicate so one can understand others and be understood.
  • other understandings will depend on the theme being taught.