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World Languages (2017) Grade(s): 06-12 - World Languages


Identify perspectives through products of the target cultures.

Unpacked Content


Students know:
  • a tangible or intangible product is influenced by the target language life and culture.
  • the perspective of a the target language culture is interconnected with the products of the culture.


Novice High Level
Students are able to:
  • list common target language cultural products such as paintings, songs, and foods.
  • watch video clips or music videos and identify cultural products.
  • describe basic craft products from target language countries.
  • investigate the relationship between cultural products and perspectives.
Intermediate Low Level
Students are able to:
  • utilize common target language cultural vocabulary to discuss paintings, songs, foods, etc.
  • investigate and explain the relationship bewtween cultural products and perspectives.
  • investigate and explain the realtion between cultural practices and perspectives.


Students understand that:
  • similarities and differences in the products of another culture often stem from the perspective of that culture.
  • an ability to communicate in another language fosters a better.
  • understanding of my own language and culture.
  • custom and tradition vary within a culture, as well as between cultures.
  • other understandings will vary according to theme being taught.