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World Languages (2017) Grade(s): 06-12 - World Languages


Connect with other disciplines while using the target language, utilizing the past time frame.

Unpacked Content


Students know:
  • how their peers in the target language culture typically spend their freetime.
  • what a typical school day in the target language culture is like.
  • what kinds of media are popular among their peers in the target language culture.


Novice High Level
Students are able to:
  • use map skills to identify countries and geographical features around the world.
  • identify resources needed to calculate exchange rates and measurments.
  • investigate other disciplines using the target language language.
Intermediate Low Level
Students are able to:
  • interpret simple statistics on daily life activities of their peers in the target language culture, such as schooling, freetime activities, and social media usage.
  • identify and interpret basic information from authentic sources, such as news articles, event flyers, invitations, and advertisements.
  • identify a few target language news sources and stores.
  • use the target language to learn about other disciplines.
  • use information learned in the target language in other disciplines.


Students understand that:
  • proficiency in a foreign language is a vehicle to gaining knowledge that can only be acquired through that language and its culture.
  • world language learning offers opportunities to uncover big ideas in and about other disciplines.
  • strategies used to acquire a language are transferable to other areas of learning throughout life.
  • a second language facilitates the acquisition of information about the world outside our experiences.