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World Languages (2017) Grade(s): 06-12 - World Languages


Describe information related to diverse perspectives in the target culture.

Unpacked Content


Students know:
  • how to ask simple questions about and describe audio and visual texts.
  • how to find and describe the main idea, theme, and topic of a text.
  • that a person's culture, background, and previous experiences affect the way they view and interpret information.
  • that media sources from the target language culture may show issues from a diverse perspective or mindset.


Novice High Level
Students are able to:
  • access and evaluate information available through the target language and its culture.
  • identify personal perspectives on various topics related to school.
  • investigate other disciplines using the target language language.
Intermediate Low Level
Students are able to:
  • describe photos, artwork, images, charts, and videos.
  • ask simple questions about photos, artwork, images, charts, and videos.
  • identify the main idea and topic of online articles, videos, advertisements, announcements, and social media posts.
  • recognize target language perspectives on basic cultural topics such as families, holidays, food.


Students understand that:
  • proficiency in a foreign language is a vehicle to gaining knowledge that can only be acquired through that language and its culture.
  • world language learning offers opportunities to uncover big ideas in and about other disciplines.
  • strategies used to acquire a language are transferable to other areas of learning throughout life.
  • a second language facilitates the acquisition of information about the world outside our experiences.