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Mathematics (2019) Grade(s): 09-12 - Algebra I with Probability


Add, subtract, and multiply polynomials, showing that polynomials form a system analogous to the integers, namely, they are closed under the operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

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Students know:

  • Corresponding rules of arithmetic of integers, specifically what it means for the integers to be closed under addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and not under division.
  • Procedures for performing addition, subtraction, and multiplication on polynomials.


Students are able to:

  • Communicate the connection between the rules for arithmetic on integers and the corresponding rules for arithmetic on polynomials.
  • Accurately perform combinations of operations on various polynomials.


Students understand that:

  • There is an operational connection between the arithmetic on integers and the arithmetic on polynomials.


  • Polynomials
  • Closure
  • Analogous system