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Social Studies (2010) Grade(s): 1


Construct daily schedules, calendars, and timelines.

Unpacked Content


Students know:
  • The purpose of a schedule and how to construct a daily schedule (present).
  • The purpose of a calendar and how to construct a calendar (future).
  • The purpose of a timeline and how to construct a timeline (past).
  • Vocabulary: long ago, yesterday, today, tomorrow, past, present, future


Students are able to:
  • Sequence daily classroom activities.
  • Create a calendar.
  • Create a timeline.


Students understand that:
  • Constructing schedules, calendars, and timelines helps document past, present, and/or future events.


  • construct
  • apply
  • uses
  • schedule
  • agenda
  • calendar
  • month
  • years
  • days of the week
  • timeline (picture/year)
  • elapsed time
  • past
  • long ago
  • present
  • yesterday
  • today
  • future
  • tomorrow