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Social Studies (2010) Grade(s): 1


Identify rights and responsibilities of citizens within the local community and state.

Unpacked Content


Students know:
  • How to identify their rights as students and citizens in their community and state.
  • How to have respect for their personal belongings and other's belongings.
  • How to understand rules and consequences of breaking rules as students and citizens in their community and state.
  • How to be responsible for classroom jobs and chores at home to contribute to the common good.
  • How to vote in order to make choices or decisions.
  • Vocabulary: rules, laws, rights, responsibilities, community, citizen, state, property, taxes, voting, choices and decisions


Students are able to:
  • Describe how rules and laws protect rights and property of the people in the community.
  • Describe ways responsible citizens contribute to the common good of the community and state (for example paying taxes).
  • Demonstrate voting as a way of making choices and decisions.


Students understand that:
  • There is an importance to their rights and responsibilities as citizens of their community and state.
  • Rules and laws protect citizens' rights and property.
  • It is important to make choices and decisions through voting. Citizens contribute to the common good of their community and state (for example, by paying taxes, conservation, volunteering, etc.).


  • identify
  • describe
  • demonstrate
  • rules
  • laws
  • rights
  • responsibilities
  • community
  • citizen
  • state
  • property
  • taxes
  • voting
  • choices
  • decisions