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English Language Arts (2021) Grade(s): KG


Blend and segment phonemes in single-syllable spoken words made up of three to four phonemes.

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  • Phonemes are individual speech sounds.
  • Single-syllable spoken words are composed of a combination of phonemes.
  • Individual phonemes can be blended to create a complete spoken word or a spoken word can be segmented into its individual phonemes.


  • Blend three to four phonemes to make a single-syllable spoken word.
  • Segment a single-syllable spoken word into three to four phonemes.


  • Blending is the ability to hear each individual sound in a word, join the sounds together, and produce the word.
  • Segmenting is the ability to break a word down into its individual sounds.


  • Blend
  • Segment
  • Phonemes
  • Single-syllable