Top 30 Most Popular Classroom Resources

Lesson TitleSubject(s)Grade(s)
Computer Science Fundamentals Unit 5 Course D Lesson 2: Introduction to Online Puzzles (2018)Digital Literacy and Computer Science3
Introducing AlgorithmsDigital Literacy and Computer ScienceK-5
Reading English Language Arts, Social StudiesK-3
Read "Dakota Dugout"English Language Arts, Social Studies1-4
Milo, the Science Rover: A LEGO WeDo 2.0 ActivityDigital Literacy and Computer Science, Science2
SlaverySocial Studies4-10
HolocaustSocial Studies6-11
Brown V. Board of Education: An Organized Legal Campaign LessonSocial Studies4-11
Decoding Lincoln: Vocabulary Coding with the Gettysburg AddressSocial Studies4-5
Sorting NetworksDigital Literacy and Computer Science1-2
Destination Moon Crew Guide: Apollo 11 Commander Neil ArmstrongSocial Studies4-11
Explore Pueblo PotsArts Education, Social Studies2
Read "Follow the Drinking Gourd"English Language Arts, Social Studies2-4
Darkroom DetectiveSocial Studies2-4
Make Your Own Carnival MaskArts Education, Social StudiesK-1
Computer Science Fundamentals Unit 3 Course B Lesson 1: Move It, Move It (2018)Digital Literacy and Computer Science1
Brown V. Board of Education: Achieving Equality LessonSocial Studies4-11
Brown V. Board of Education: Segregated America LessonSocial Studies4-11
Computer Science Fundamentals Unit 2 Course A Lesson 12: Ocean Scene with Loops (2018)Digital Literacy and Computer ScienceK
Computer Science Fundamentals Unit 4 Course C Lesson 2: Programming with Angry Birds (2018)Digital Literacy and Computer Science2
Design Your Own Family FlagArts Education, Social StudiesK-3
Engineering FlightSocial Studies6
Building a Sod HouseSocial Studies4
Vietnam War for Novel "The Things They Carried"Social Studies6-11
Document DetectiveSocial Studies2-4
Preservation and the Power of LightScience, Social StudiesK-3
Computer Science Fundamentals Unit 3 Course B Lesson 13: A Royal Battle with Events (2018)Digital Literacy and Computer Science1
A Is for Apple: Building Letter-Recognition FluencyEnglish Language ArtsK-2
A Prereading Strategy: Using the Vocabulary, Language, Prediction (VLP) ApproachEnglish Language Arts6-8
Music, Poetry, and History: The National AnthemEnglish Language Arts, Social Studies3