Top 30 Most Popular Classroom Resources

Lesson TitleSubject(s)Grade(s)
Does the Moon Really Shine?English Language Arts, Science1
Tynker Hour of Code Puzzle: Dragon DashDigital Literacy and Computer Science5
Social Distancing - Meet the Helpers4-5
Animal Life Cycles StudyJamScience3
Tynker Hour of Code Puzzle: Candy QuestDigital Literacy and Computer Science1-4
Wash Your Hands!K-1
Screen Time Versus Old-School Learning6-8
Tynker Hour of Code: Star RunnerDigital Literacy and Computer Science2-4
Locomotor GIF collectionK-3
Represent MeSocial Studies7
Satellites and GravityScience6
Animal InstinctEnglish Language Arts, Science4
Why Is It Colder in the Winter Than in the Summer?Science6
ReadWriteThink Interactive Timeline ToolSocial StudiesK
Weathering and ErosionEnglish Language Arts, Science2
Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much? Digital Literacy and Computer Science6-12
PBS KIDS Scratch Jr.: How Plants Grow Lesson PlanDigital Literacy and Computer Science, Science1-3
Protecting Against TornadoesEnglish Language Arts, Science3
My Bean PlantEnglish Language Arts, Science2
Mr. Rogers Shows How to Make CrayonsSocial Studies2
Water Takes Three FormsEnglish Language Arts, Science2
Solids and LiquidsEnglish Language Arts, Science2
The Moon JournalEnglish Language Arts, Science1
Fit at HomeK-5
How Plates Affect Our Planet: Hot Spots Science6
Online, All the TimeDigital Literacy and Computer Science6-12
Seeds Need to Move English Language Arts, Science2
The Human Body StudyJamScience4
Comparing SolidsEnglish Language Arts, Science2
Creating ComicsArts Education, Digital Literacy and Computer Science6-12