Top 30 Most Popular Lesson Plans

Lesson TitleSubject(s)Grade(s)
The Cell Theory: An Evidence-Based ArgumentLiteracy Standards (6-12), Science6-8
Inherited Traits: How Are Parents and Their Offspring Alike and Different?Science1
It's All Absolutely Relative: Creating a Geologic Time ScaleScience9-12
Modeling Earth's Layers: How Can Thermal Convection Cause Earth's Materials to Move?Science9-12
The Tasty T-Rex: How can cladograms provide evidence about the anatomical similarities and differences among modern and ancient organisms?Literacy Standards (6-12), Science6-8
A Dolphin's TaleEnglish Language Arts, Science4
The Needs of Living Things: Constructing a Model HabitatEnglish Language Arts, ScienceK
Animal Alterations: How Do Animals Change Their Habitats?Arts Education, ScienceK
Stories From Past Lives: How Can the Fossil Record Provide Data About the Patterns of Change in Anatomical Structures of Organisms?Literacy Standards (6-12), Science6-8
How Grand is the Grand Canyon?English Language Arts, Science4
Patterns of Interactions: What Relationships Exist Between Organisms in an Ecosystem?Science7
Can You Identify the Mystery Substance? An Inquiry-Based Lab ActivityScience8
Time After Time:  How Can We Use Timelines to Reconstruct the Past? Part 1 English Language Arts, Social Studies2
Preparing for Natural Disasters: TornadoEnglish Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology Education3-5
Supernatural Seeds: What Are the Positive and Negative Impacts of Genetically Modified Organisms?Literacy Standards (6-12), Science6-8
Is My State at Risk for a Tornado?Mathematics, Science, Technology Education3-5
Alabama's Pine BarrenArts Education, Social Studies3-5
Lesson 3: Recycle, Recycle, RecycleEnglish Language Arts, Mathematics, ScienceK
Animal HabitatsEnglish Language Arts, ScienceK
Lesson 1: Reduce, Reuse, RecycleEnglish Language Arts, ScienceK
Mapping the Travels of Paul Bunyan Through Alabama, Too!English Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology Education3-5
Dressed for Success: How Do Specialized Plant Structures Increase the Probability of Successful Reproduction?Literacy Standards (6-12), Science6-8
Build a Better ShelterScience, Social Studies, Technology Education3-5
Tornadoes: Cause and Effect English Language Arts3
Time After Time:  How Can We Use Timelines to Reconstruct the Past? Part 2English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies2
Native Americans: How Their Environment Affected Their CultureEnglish Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Technology Education3-5
Jim Peppler Southern Courier Photograph Collection-Richard C. Boone Asks a Question: Master May I?English Language Arts, Social Studies3-4
Hernando de Soto in AlabamaEnglish Language Arts, Social Studies4
Exploring Nonfiction Texts to Determine How Climate Impacts Different Weather Phenomenon English Language Arts, Science3
Zoom Zoom!Science4