Top 30 Most Popular Lesson Plans

Lesson TitleSubject(s)Grade(s)
Alabama's Pine BarrenArts Education, Social Studies3-5
Mapping the Travels of Paul Bunyan Through Alabama, Too!English Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology Education3-5
Amazing Animal Adaptations for K-2English Language Arts, ScienceK-2
Tornadoes: Cause and Effect English Language Arts3
Animal HabitatsEnglish Language Arts, ScienceK
Build a Better ShelterScience, Social Studies, Technology Education3-5
Hernando de Soto in AlabamaEnglish Language Arts, Social Studies4
Jim Peppler Southern Courier Photograph Collection-Richard C. Boone Asks a Question: Master May I?English Language Arts, Social Studies3-4
Native Americans: How Their Environment Affected Their CultureEnglish Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Technology Education3-5
Zoom Zoom!Science4
Exploring Nonfiction Texts to Determine How Climate Impacts Different Weather Phenomenon English Language Arts, Science3
Fascinating FossilsEnglish Language Arts, Science4
Photosynthesis: Let's Talk About ItEnglish Language Arts, Science5
What Makes Light?  English Language Arts, Science1
Exploring and Constructing Forest HabitatsEnglish Language Arts, ScienceK
Pros and Cons - Picture Perfect Capitol for AlabamaEnglish Language Arts, Social Studies3
School Days: Early 19th Century in AlabamaEnglish Language Arts, Social Studies4
The Negotiators - Land Of No ReturnEnglish Language Arts, Social Studies3-4
Pollution and the Peppered MothEnglish Language Arts, Science7
What is the Price of Land?English Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology Education3-5
Alabama Fever!Arts Education, English Language Arts, Social Studies4
Light and Sight – Why We Need Light to SeeEnglish Language Arts, Mathematics, Science1
Letting Off Some SteamArts Education, English Language Arts, Social Studies4
Can an Animal's Traits be Influenced by the Environment?English Language Arts, Science3
Making Matter Change: Microwave Mug CakeScience2
The Great DepressionEnglish Language Arts, Social Studies4
Sweet Home AlabamaEnglish Language Arts, Social Studies3-4
Investigating Heat Transfer within Earth's Atmosphere: Radiation and ConvectionEnglish Language Arts, Science6
Reducing the Impact of a FloodSocial Studies3
We, the People...English Language Arts, Social Studies4